Ellab Users Top 50 Brands – India

ELLAB A/S Denmark – Users – Top 50 Brands

Top 50 Customers of Ellab Food Sterilization Monitoring Systems in India Region (including Sri Lanka & Maldives) who use ELLAB Process Validation & Food Sterilization (Fo) Monitoring Systems for thermal processing applications.

Defence Food Research Laboratories (DFRL), Mysore – research & production applications (pouches & cans)

Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) Cochin – food research applications (pouches & cans)

Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysore – food research applications (pouches & cans)

Central Institute of Fishers Education (CIFE) Mumbai – research on ready to eat foods

Fisheries College & Research Institute, Tuticorin – research on RTE Foods.

College of Fishery Sciences, Nellore – research applications

College of Fisheries, Panangad – fish processing research applications

Integrated Fisheries Project (IFP) Cochin – Fish Processing & canning

UDCT, (University of Chemical Technology) Mumbai – research on RTE Foods

Felivaru Tuna Processing Plant, Maldives – process control applications, ready to eat tuna dishes  in cans.

ITC Foods, Bangalore – RTE Foods Production

MTR Foods Bangalore–RTE Foods  Production

SATNAM Overseas (Kohinoor Foods) New Delhi – RTE Foods Production

TastyByte Foods, Pune – RTE Foods Production

ADF Foods, Nadiad, Nasik – RTE Foods Production

HALDIRAM Foods, New Delhi – RTE Foods Production

VIMAL Agro Foods, Surat – RTE Foods Production

CREMICA (Mrs  Bector’s Specialties) Punjab – RTE Foods Production

GITS Foods, Pune – RTE Foods Production

VeeTee Fine Foods, New Delhi – RTE Foods Production

Punjab Agri Ventures Limited (PAVL) Chandigrah – RTE Foods Production

REGAL Foods, New Delhi / Bathi – RTE Foods Production

PRIYA Foods, Vijayawada – RTE Foods Production

Parampara Foods – Pune – RTE Foods Production

Horizon Fisheries, Maldives – Fish Processing & Canning

GITWAKO Farms – RTE Foods Production

Sita Rameshwaram Foods, Jaipur – RTE Foods Production

Jumbo International, New Delhi – RTE Foods Canning

Rajbhog Foods, Ahmedabad – RTE Foods Production

Kitchen Express, Ahmedabad – RTE Foods Production

Forstar Foods, Mumbai – RTE Foods production

CAPITAL Foods – Mumbai – RTE Foods Production

Innovision Foods Bangalore – RTE Foods

Phillips Foods India, Tuticorin

Aussie Foods, New Delhi

SARA Spices, Cochin – RTE Foods Production

Eastern Condiments, Adimali – RTE Foods production

SIHOTA Foods, Punjab – RTE Dairy Production

Chatha Foods, Chandigrah – RTE Foods Production

Anns House of Sweets, Pala – RTE Foods Production

Azzaad Foods, Kottayam – RTE Foods Production

SAJ Flight Foods, Trivandrum – RTE Foods Production

KINFRA, Calicut  – RTE Foods Production

Global Green Company Bangalore (TIFY) – vegetable processing applications(cans and bottles)

Tastel Mumbai – RTE Foods Production

Anand Foods, Anand – RTE Foods Production

Britto Exports, Tuticroin – RTE Foods Production

TIMUTRHI Corns, Pune – RTE Foods Sweet corn processing

Helios Foods (Muthu Foods) Ratnagiri / Mumbai – processed food applications, ready-to-eat foods (pouches)

MARCO Foods, Mumbai – RTE Foods

Note : This only a partial list of Ellab users In India region

M/s. ELLAB A/S Denmark have more than 20,000 installations across the world which are being mainly used in the field of food processing applications. Please refer the International users list to refer the top 75 international brands.