Online Technical Assistance


We have a consortium of technologists, consultants and experts in the field of Retort Processing who can help to those who wanted to improve the quality of the retort food in a much better way than what are presently being done.
We are intended to share our expertise to those who are interested in this subject.
We have a web portal called which is intended to provide everything about Retort processing including Retort Processing Technology, Online Technology Transfer, details about the critical factors involved in the processing, tips to produce high quality safe retort food, videos and photos showing international processing plants, Validation of the processing, details about the Suppliers of best machinery / equipment / packaging for retort processing, turn key projects and project reports, retort packaging, Opportunities in retort processing field, details about Contract Packers who are willing to produce retort processed food on contract basis, retort food buyers and importers, blogs from the qualified consultants, technologists and experts in this field and many more.
We provide our service across the word to help our customers in the field of retort processing,