R & D on Retort Processing

In order to produce high quality retort food, it is very important to do proper research and development on the products and process.

We, along with our world renowned international associates, M/s. ELLAB A/S Denmark, M/s. LAGARDE France and HPM Global Inc. Korea, could offer you a very good package for the retort process R and D system which can be used to develop the retort processing technology at its best, using different types of products in different types of containers.

TechnologyWhy R & D Required ?
Here you can see the photos of retorted Baked Beans produced by two different companies.

One product was produced perfectly maintaining all the food qualities as compared to its fresh equivalence where as the other was badly processed and lost most of the basic food qualities.The company which produced the good food shown here is very successful in the field who produce about 5 million processed cans per day where as the other company hardly produce 5,000 cans per day.

This indicates the importance of the application of proper retort processing technology in the production of retort processed food.We offer the world’s best package to you for producing high class retort food. We have an R & D package which can be used to produce the best retort food in the world. You can see the details here.

Retort from LAGARDE France :-

We are the exclusive representatives of M/s. Lagarde Retorts in India and Sri Lanka. Lagarde offers world’s best retorts which helps the processor to produce high quality retort food. Lagarde is the Inventor of the Steam/Air retort system. Patent Nr. FR2225702 in 1974 …

Lagarde offers a comprehensive range of standard retorts and can also design solutions for a wide range of special applications. The standard types of retorts includes Steam/Air, Water Spray, Water Immersion and Rotary retorts etc.

Lagarde Rotary R & D Retort
This Special R & D retort is a steam / air retort specially designed to develop retort processing technology in various types of containers including cans, pouches, plastic trays, glass bottles, cartons etc.


Special Trays are designed for pouches, plastic trays, cups, cans etc



Special Trays designed for holding cups


Easy movable trolleys for carrying the baskets, trays and products are included in the package


Specail SAMANTHA controls in the retort controls the processing properly

We offer ELLAB Eval Flex 4 channel system package along with the package which is considered
as the heart of the retort processing applications.It is ideal or R & D applications as well as retort process monitoring applications .

The system comes with the main reader station, Valsuite Software, Thermocouple Probes, Fittings, fixtures, tools, accessories , retort connection fittings etc


Eval Flex is a stand alone reader station which comes with 4 channel, 8 channel or 16 channel system. The picture shown here is 16 channel module. The four channel module has 4 connection ports to connect the probes.

All the modules can be upgraded by adding the expansion modules to the main module. The maximum number of channels possible is 128 channels

This system can run as a stand alone unit or can be connected to the computer and operate through computer.

The highest quality electronics were incorporated into the design greatly improving efficiency and accuracy. With 8MB of memory and a battery backup, data will never be lost due to a power outage.
Pt-1000 sensors are installed on each individual thermocouple channel eliminating gradient errors through the cold junction dramatically improving accuracy.

The case is made in 316 stainless steel ensuring durability and reducing noise in the electronics which makes the unit ideal for the harsh environments on a factory floor.
The E-Val Flex system reduces the need for frequent calibration saving a tremendous amount of time.


Thermocouple Probes

ELLAB uses specially designed thermocouple probes with needle type sensors for the heat penetration applications.

The E-Val Flex modules are designed for Ellab premium grade type T, 7 strand thermocouples. The Ellab thermocouples are equipped with an electronic ID and memory for calibration values.The total accuracy of the ELLAB thermocouple probes after calibration is +/-0.05 deg C

The internal chip identifies specific thermocouples with a serial number and contains calibration offsets that can now travel with the thermocouple. This enables easy management of thermocouple locations, historical calibration data and easy replacement during process runs.The software database keeps a complete record of usage which is a tremendous advantage in keeping track of NIST traceability and calibration history for compliance. The serial number is displayed on the jack plug and probe tip making it extremely easy to identify where each thermocouple is positioned resulting in tremendous time savings during setup.


The material of the electrode can be stainless steel, polyxymethylen, or PTFE. Stainless steel electrodes are more durable and preserve better stability than standard thermocouples, reducing maintenance time and replacement costs. Depending on the application, it is possible to choose the design of the electrode to be either round, sharp or conic.

The cables are generally sold as a standard 7 meters long, but the length can always be customized for a specific application. The cable can be delivered with silicone, PTFE or mineral insulated stainless steel. The user can select based on their application.



ValSuite Process Monitoring and Validation Software

The ValSuite™ software documents and guides you through the complete thermal validation process. The database structure in the software enables complete documentation and procedural control for the operators.

The Fo value, Co value, come up time, holding time, cooling time, process time, heat penetration, heat distribution etc can be estimated from the data.
Graphical and tabular data are available.
The processor get the total process history which helps them to develop the process technology.


The below photos shows how to make proper fittings on the plastic trays to make proper heat penetration studies