What data are required by the processor to process Retort Processed Ready to Eat Foods ?

If the processor is producing retort processed food based on the technology developed by a technologist or technology transfer centre, the following data should be obtained in order to produce safe and high quality products.

  • Food Sterilization Value ( Fo value of the product)
  • Cook value ( Co value of the product)
  • Co value during pre-cooking and during retort processing
  • Filling Temperature
  • Maximum Allowed drop in temperature before processing
  • Maximum allowed drop in Co value before processing
  • Maximum holding time of the filled pouches before processing
  • Validation of the processing retort including the heat distribution and safe area inside the retort which offers the allowed temperature tolerance.
  • Heat Penetration Data
  • Come up time
  • Holding Time
  • Holding Temperature – maximum allowed temperature applicable to the products before it loses its basic qualities.
  • Sterilization Time
  • Over Pressure Profile
  • Pressure developed by the products during the processing
  • Maximum allowed deformation / stretching on the flexible containers during the processing before it loses its barrier properties.
  • Steps to prevent the over stretching
  • Cooling method and cooling time
  • Temperature, Fo value and Co value of core of the sample products which are located at the cold spot of the containers which are located at the cold spot of the retort – to make sure that all the processed food are safe and obtain required Fo values and Co values.
  • Total Process Time
  • Processed Data in graphical and tabular data.
  • Steps to protect the batch if there are unexpected failure of the supply line during the course of the processing.

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