What do you Want and What we Offer ?

What Do you want ?

A system which help you to :-

  • * Develop in-house Retort Processing Technology
  • * High Accurate and Precise System to monitor and control the Cooking and Sterilization of Products
  • * Develop different types of recipes and products suitable for retort processing applications
  • * Modify / Develop the existing basic processing technology as per the available resources ( type of
  • retort, containers, recipes, energy sources, intended shelf life etc)
  • * Heat distribution inside the retort chamber to confirm the quality of retort
  • * Heat Penetration inside the containers to confirm the achievement of sterility of all the processed
  • products
  • * Develop Cooking / Precooking technology and quantify / document the Cooking effect.
  • * Estimate the required Fo value for each type of products
  • * Estimate the required Cook value for each type of products
  • * Should help to optimize the Retort processing without under sterilization and over cooking.
  • * Regular Monitoring of the Fo value vs Co value during the retort processing to confirm safe products
  • with high quality.
  • * Monitor the pressure inside the retort and inside the sealed pouches to confirm the safe retort
  • processing technology
  • * Monitor the deflection / deformation occurring on the pouches to confirm the pouches are processed
  • within its safe limits and achieve its intended shelf life.
  • * Confirm the safe processing of the products even in adverse and unforeseen situations like power
  • failure, PLC failure, steam / air / water supply problems etc
  • * 24 hours / 365 days regular monitoring / documentation of each and every processing with data which
  • are tamper proof
  • * Indication to the maintenance department if any maintenance it required inside the chamber or at the supply lines.
  • * Validation data which should be fully compliant to FDA / USDA and other international regulatory agencies

What We offer :-

We offer Ellab Process Validation & Food Sterilization Monitoring System which are dedicated packages for Retort Processing applications.

Ellab Systems help the processor to develop the processing technology based on international guidelines. It also helps the processor to produce safe and high quality RTE Foods by monitoring and controlling the following :

  1. R & D Kitchen (Product and Recipe Development)
  2. Pre Cooking ( control the pre cooking as per required cook value)
  3. Filling and Sealing ( control the cooking damage)
  4. Retort Processing ( control the sterilization effect as well as cooking process)
  5. Documentation and Protection of the Valuable Process Technology

The following data could be obtained using Ellab System :-

R & D KITCHEN ( Develop the Product and Recipe Development)

Aim : EVal System can be used at R & D Kitchen to standardize the products and recipes suitable for processing at high temperatures and to make sure that the products retain its food qualities like taste, color, texture and shape even after retort processing. Here the processor can estimate the maximum temperature and time which the products and recipes can withstand, before it loses its basic food qualities.

The following data could be derived from Ellab EVal System from your R &D Kitchen :

  1. Cook Values of Different products
  2. Estimation of Pre Cooking for each product.
  3. Recipe Standardization based on time / temperature/cook value profile
  4. Product Standardization based on time / temperature / cook value profile
  5. 5.Study of product behavior at high temperature conditions.


Aim :-EVal System can be used to estimate how much each products should be pre-cooked and pre-processed before retort processing in order to achieve the required level of cooking after the completion of the retort processing.

The following data could be derived from Ellab EVal System from the Pre-Processing Area. :

1. Pre Cook Value of Products during Pre-Processing


Aim : Ellab EVal System can be used to make sure that the products experiences minimum cooking damage during filling and sealing time. It is important that the temperature of the hot filled products should not fall below 63 deg C before processing other wise it should be considered as ambient filling and the retort processing technology should be modified.

The following data could be derived from Ellab EVal System from the Filling & Sealing Area :

  1. Drop in Temperature of the products packed inside the pouches during holding time after Filling and Sealing Process.
  2. Temperature of the products inside the vessel during filling (to maintain constant temperature)
  3. Cooking damage occurring during the holding time after filing & sealing process.
  4. Time taken to complete the filling and sealing process before it experiences cooking damage.


Aim : ELLAB EVal System can be used to make sure that the products processed in the retort are sterilized properly as well as cooked properly. The processing can be controlled as per the data from the Ellab system in order to maintain the taste, color, texture and shape of the processed finished products. This data helps the processor to control the over pressure inside the processor chamber in such a way to avoid the spoilage of the containers (pouches and plastic trays) by preventing the over-stretching of the containers during the processing. The data from Ellab system also gives information about the uniformity inside the processing chamber and make sure that the supply lines are working fine and it indicates whether the air, steam and water supply lines need any service or maintenance during the course of time. This data is in fully compliance with FDA/USDA and other international regulatory agencies.

The following data could be derived from Ellab EVal System during retort processing :

  1. Food Sterilization Value (Fo Value) of the products packed in sealed sample pouches during retort processing.
  2. Cook value (Co value) of the products during retort processing.
  3. Come up Time ( time for the sample pouches to reach the holding time)
  4. Holding Time
  5. Holding Temperature
  6. Sterilization Time
  7. Over Pressure control point
  8. Cooling Time
  9. Total Process Time / Actual Process Time

10 Pressure inside the retort

11 Pressure developed inside the pouches

12 Deformation / Deflection occurring on the pouches during retort processing

12 Cold point determination inside the retort (the areas inside the retort where it has minimum

temperature distribution).

13 Cold point determination inside the pouches – to determine the point inside the packed and

sealed pouches where it has minimum heat transfer.

14 Temperature of the medium of the retort

15 Temperature of the core of the sample products packed inside the sealed pouches.

16 Graphical and Tabular form of heat treatment experienced by the products inside the sealed pouches during the thermal processing.

  1. Heat distribution inside the retort chamber
  2. Heat Penetration inside the pouches during retort processing.
  3. Thermal mapping and Validation of the Retorts and Process
  4. Date / Time / Product Name, Code, Reference, Name of the Retort, Name of the operator, Description of the process etc.


Aim :-ELLAB EVal System can be used to monitor the temperature and humidity inside the storage room. The storage room temperature and humidity can be monitored to make sure that all the processed products had passed the required incubation.

The following data could be derived from Ellab EVal System from the Finishes Products Store.:

  1. Monitor the temperature inside the storage room
  2. Monitor the humidity inside the storage room ( using dry/wet method)


Aim :-ELLAB EVal System can be used to document and protect the valuable retort processing technology and details including the recipes details, product details. Sterilization details, cooking details etc. The documents should be safe and should not be modified, manipulated, viewed or copied by unauthorized personals.

The following data could be documented from Ellab EVal System during retort processing :

  1. Product details
  2. Recipe Details
  3. Sterilization Details including tabular and graphical details.
  4. Cooking details including cooking damages if it occurs.
  5. Pre-Cooking Details
  6. Packing, Filling and Sealing details
  7. Behavior of Packaging materials during processing

These data could be stored as user friendly documents and will be safe from theft or copying as it could be protected with passwords. The complete process technology could be documented and protected using Ellab system and software.

Thus the Ellab EVal Process Validation & Monitoring Systems can be used as complete monitoring and controlling systems for developing the retort processing technology based on the type of products, type of containers, type of retort and required shelf life.

Thus Ellab System helps the processor to produce safe retort processed foods with high food qualities, maintain the food appeal including the appearance, flavor, smell and texture and minimizes the rejection quantity to ‘ 0 %’ . It helps the processor to document the entire process technology in an efficient manner and protect the valuable technology from theft and unauthorized copying.

Advantages of using ELLAB EVal System for Retort Processing :-

  • Safe Products – make sure that the processed products are safe and free of any harmful bacteria.

  • High Nutritional Values – optimizing the pre processing, come up time, holding time, sterilization time and cooling time as per the data from EVal System make sure that the processor can preserve the nutritional values of the products.
  • Good Taste – Controlling the Cook Value and Cooking Time as per the data from Eval System helps the processor to increase the taste of the processed foods.
  • Better Foods Appeal – controlling the come up time, holding time etc as per the data from EVal System helps the processor to produce the food with better appearance, flavor, smell and texture.

  • Increase the Shelf Life – the controlling of the over pressure profile as per the data from EVal ( pressure and deflection data) make sure that the pouches are not stretched beyond its limits. Proper pressure handling increases the shelf life of the containers and in turn the shelf life of packed products.

  • Optimization of Processing :- the optimization of the processing can save valuable processing time which reduces the exposure of food products at high temperatures. This increases the freshness of the products.

  • Energy Savings : By optimizing the processing time, the processor can save valuable steam (diesel), air, water, electricity, wages, storage cost etc which in turn saves money.

  • 0 % Spoilage :- proper processing as per the data from Ellab Eval System make sure that all the processed products have passed the sterilization process and hence no spoilage of the products.

  • Reasonable Price :- the optimization of processing and non-spoilage of the pouches helps the customer to work a reasonable price to the products without calculating about the hidden costs due the spoilage of packed foods.

  • Standardization of Products and Process : Ellab EVal system can be used to standardize the products as well as process.

  • Development of New Recipes : Using R & D pilot retort, Ellab Eval system can be used to develop new recipes, study the behavior of different products at high temperatures, estimate the maximum temperature every product can withstand etc.

  • Exports :- Ellab Eval system is fully compliant to the requirements with FDA/USDA and other regulatory agencies. The Electronic Signature from this equipment helps the processor to get the approval for exports.

  • Safe Data : The data from Ellab Eval System can be monitored online at the retort processing room along with the Q.C manager’s room as well as at the Head Office through LAN Network. This makes sure that the process is done correctly and any mistake during the processing could be monitored by the higher authorities. More over the password protection in the software helps the processor to save the data from unauthorized transfer of process data to the competitors. The software protects from any kind of manipulation on the process data, which ensures authenticity or genuineness of the data from Ellab Software.

The proper usage of the Ellab EVal Systems guarantee the following to the Retort Processed Foods Manufacturers :-

  1. No spoilage of the products.

  1. Products will be sterilized properly and will be fully safe for human consumption.

  1. Products will be properly cooked with good food appeal including the taste, color, flavor, nutritious etc.

  1. Processing can be optimized to save valuable time and energy

  1. Prevent the spoilage of pouches during processing ( using Ellab Pressure and Deflection monitoring system)

  1. Increase the shelf life of the products (using Pressure & Deflection Monitoring system)

  1. Complete documentation of the process

  1. Approvals for exports to international markets.

  1. Development of new products, recipes and processes technologies.

  1. Protect the products even if there are unforeseen supply lines failures during the course of the process. The drop in temperature during filling and packing can also be taken care during the processing.

  1. Protection of valuable process technology.

Improper Retort processing may lead to the following damages to the Processor :-

  1. Spoilage of products will be more

  1. Reduction of shelf life of products

  1. Loss of food qualities including taste, color, flavor, aroma, nutrient values etc.

  1. Bursting, seal breakage and spoilage of pouches during processing

  1. Under sterilization of the products leads to the development of poisonous bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum which is harmful for human beings.

  1. Variation in the qualities of the products processed in the same retort

  1. The failure of the products in the market even though the sample pouches pass through the microbial tests.

  1. Rejection of the products from export market

  1. Non approval from FDA / USDA etc

  1. No in-house product, recipe or process technology development or documentation.

The above mentioned problems are faced by those processors who do not use proper monitoring systems and proper controls for retort processing.

The proper usage of Ellab equipments guarantee the elimination of all the above mentioned problems and make sure that the processed foods are safe as well as of best quality. We will be happy to assist you to make high quality retort processed foods using Ellab equipment.

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