We are the exclusive business associates of M/s. Ellab A/S Denmark in India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bangladesh.

We not only provide the equipments and systems, but also assist our customers with process training, application support, technical support, plant layouts, turn key projects etc. We have a consortium of technologists and consultants who are experts in food processing technologies.

In the Field Of Retort Processing of Food Products :-

* We supply world’s most accurate and reliable systems within its specifications

* We supply dedicated systems for your specific applications. We offer custom built accessories to meet your specific applications.

* We offer you the total solutions for your thermal processing applications

* You can contact the best food research consultants through us and take their assistance and consultation in various food processing fields.

* We guarantee safe processing, 0% rejection, production of high quality products and protection of processing data

* We offer high quality packing materials including retort pouches and also offer systems which help you to protect flexible packing material from spoilage during retort processing and in turn offer long shelf life for the processed foods.

* We offer centralized monitoring systems which helps you to monitor different processing online in a centralized room and help you to access it at your laptop online even while travelling, which guarantee the safe processing. Any mistakes in the processing could be identified on the spot with detailed reports.

(please contact us for further assistance)

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