Why only ELLAB ?

It is to be noted that an error of 1 deg C during the sterilization process ( at 121 deg C) changes the Fo value by 26%. So it is important to use very reliable and high accurate systems for the process technology development and regular monitoring applications. It is also important to mount the measuring needles exactly at the cold spots for heat penetration studies and regular process monitoring.

Ellab Systems are dedicated systems designed for Retort processing applications. The accuracy of Ellab Eval Flex Process validation and monitoring systems is +/-0.05 deg C and the accuracy of the thermocouple probes is +/- 0.05 deg C. The total system accuracy without calibration is +/- 0.1 deg C. No frequent calibration is required for Ellab system, thanks to it special design and technology.

The needle of the Ellab measuring probes are very thin ( 1.2 mm dia) so that it will displace only minimum product when inserted into the sample container (pouch) for monitoring and will simulate the actual processing conditions.

Ellab supplies proper fittings and fixtures for positioning the measuring needles exactly at the core of the hardest piece positioned at the cold spot of the sample containers. The fittings are designed for mounting air tight and water tight.

The measuring point of the sensor is very small so that it can sense the temperature exactly from the cold spot of the product and external heat conduction effects are minimized.

No drift in the values. Ellab system does the automatic self calibration for every measurements. So the data from Ellab system is very reliable and accurate.

The Ellab ValiSuite Pro software is user friendly and fully complaint to the requirements of FDA / USDA and other international regulatory agencies.

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