Wireless Dataloggers

The ultimate solution in wireless thermal validation
Ellab has incorporated the latest in electronic technology and innovation to deliver a wireless multi-channel data logger unmatched in accuracy, performance and versatility. The flexible system is easily adapted to your requirements and provides an elegant solution to the most demanding validation applications.

The incorporation of state of the art technology and extensive testing have resulted in:

• Temperature: ±0.05°C
• Humidity: ±2%
• Pressure: ±0.25% Full Scale
• Time: ±5 Sec. Per 24 Hours
• Rotation: ±1%

Compare and you will find TrackSense® Pro the most accurate data logger available on the market today.

The robust loggers are designed to operate under extreme conditions without ever loosing valuable data. They can tolerate temperatures from -80°C to +150°C and withstand pressures up to 10 Bar fully immersed. The non-volatile memory stores up to 60,000 data points. Recent improvements in battery technology have dramatically improved performance and lifetime even at high temperatures.

The small size and convenience of wireless data loggers make them exceptionally easy to use in countless validation applications.