We offer one stop solution for thermal process validation, monitoring and controlling applications using systems / equipments which are fully compliant to FDA / USDA and other international regulatory agencies. Our systems are unique and are world’s most accurate and reliable systems within its specifications. We offer special packages for Retort Processing Applications.

 Are you looking for a system which:-

  • Help you to produce high quality products with highest level of safety ?
  • Help you to develop the special food processing technologies at your in house R & D centre ?
  • Protects your thermal processing technology documentation from theft ?
  • Help you to optimize the thermal processing and in turn save your valuable time, energy and manpower ?
  • Help you to protect your containers from spoilage and in turn help you to increase the shelf life of the processed foods ?
  • Help you to minimize the rejection to 0% ?
  • Guarantee safe processing irrespective of adverse unforeseen situations during thermal processing ?
  • Help you to document your total processing and meet all the export requirements ?
  • Monitors the thermal processing continuously ( 24 hours / 365 days) and alert you if any deviation occurred during the course of processing which helps your maintenance division to rectify the problem immediately and save the batch from spoilage  ?

If so,  we are here to assist you …..



evalflex-validationThermal validation is performed to document that a sterilization process is working properly and according to the regulations. Thermal validation solutions from Ellab have been developed according to GAMP standards and the performance is carefully documented. It is fully compliant to FDA 21 CFR part 11. We offer cable based systems as well as wireless dataloggers for validation applications.

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Monitoring & Controlling

Thermal_monitoring_deviceThe Ellab Temperature Indicator is a high quality digital temperature-indicating device designed for displaying and documenting the processing temperature in retorts. It complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 113, and it is ideal for thermal processing of low-acid canned foods. The signals can be fed into a PLC which in turn can be used for controlling the processing.

Centralized Monitoring System  

Centralized Monitoring SystemEllab EVal Systems can be used to integrate 8 different processing or retorts into a centralized monitoring unit. E.g. the data from pre-processing, pre cooking, filling, sterilization, supply lines, storage etc can be integrated into the main unit which provides the complete documentation of the thermal processing.

Thermocouple Probes for Food Processing

thermocouple ProbesEllab Thermocouple are premium grade type T, 7 strand thermocouples. As a new feature, the Ellab thermocouples are now equipped with an electronic ID and memory for calibration values. The accuracy of these probes are +/-0.05 deg C.

Accessories & Fittings

Food Processing accessoriesWe offer a wide range of fittings and fixtures suitable for different types of applications. The fittings help to mount the measuring needles exactly at the cold spot of the sealed containers and make sure that it is air tight and water tight.


applicationsHere you can refer the different applications and our suggested configurations. The Ellab systems can be used for validating, monitoring and documenting Sterilization, Pasteurization, Pre-Cooking, Cooking, Smoking, Freezing, IQF, Freeze Drying etc.

R & D Systems

r-and-dWe have special R & D systems for developing the retort processing technology, development of recipes, products, pre-cooking etc. The pressure and deformation monitoring data provides valuable information about the behaviour of flexible packaging during retort processing


thermal monitoring softwareEllab Valsuite Pro software is validated and user friendly, which is fully complaint to FDA 21 CFR part 11. The monitoring and validation data can be obtained in graphical and tabular forms. The software prints the Pass/fail results of each processing.


customerSupportWe offer technical and application support to our valuable customers. Our application support includes the retort project layout, plant implementation, process training, validation, documentation, FDA filing assistance, R & D support etc.

Application Notes

application-notesHere you can collect the application notes about different subjects related to food processing. This link is intended only for our existing customers.


consultancyWe have a consortium of food technologists and food processing experts. You can avail their help to solve your food processing related issues.


 pouchesWe offer high quality Retort Pouches from HPM Korea. These pouches are manufactured at

Korea using FDA approved raw materials and our pouches meet all the international quality standards. We have been supplying retort pouches to Indian RTE customers since more than 10 years.


blogHere you can share your views, experiences, new technology inventions and queries related to food processing related fields. Here you can search for overseas buyers to your products as well as search for contract packing facilities to pack your products. Also here you can search for employment as well as for employees in food processing related filed.

Our Clients List ( ELLAB Users)

clientsMost of the reputed Retort Processed Ready To Eat Food manufactures in India and abroad are using Ellab Thermal validation and Sterilization Monitoring systems.

Here you can see a partial list ( 50 numbers) of our important customers in India who use Ellab system for thermal validation and monitoring applications. A list of top 100 customers in the international field is also enclosed

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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