Process Validation & Monitoring

Food Processing – Process Validation & Monitoring


Thermal Validation  & Monitoring

Thermal validation is performed to document that a sterilization process is working properly and according to regulations. Thermal Validation Solutions from Ellab have been developed according to GAMP standards and the performance is carefully documented. The equipment and software are fully complaint to FDA 21 CFR part 11.

 Ellab offers systems with Validation & Regular Monitoring applications. Regular monitoring helps the processor to make sure that the processing is performed properly as per the validated data.

 Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Rotation, Deflection etc

 Heat Distribution, Heat Penetration etc

 Food Sterilization values, Cook Values, Enzyme Inactivation values etc

 Applications : Retorts, Pasteurizers, R & D, Spiral Cookers /  Coolers, Hydrostats, Blast / Spiral Freezers, Smoke Houses, Ovens, Roasters, Aseptic, Cold Storage etc. 

E-Val Flex – Online Thermal Validation & Monitoring System

 apparat_m_2_forskel_foelereThe E-Val Flex thermal validation & Monitoring system can be used for validating the thermal processing applications as well as for the regular monitoring of the process. The accuracy of the system is +/-0.05 and the thermocouple probes is +/-0.05 deg C. The total system accuracy without calibration is +/-0.1 deg C

The self calibration facility in the system eliminate the need of frequent calibration of the system.

Temperature, Pressure, Deflection, Rotation, Humidity etc can be validated and monitored using this system.

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TS Pro Wireless Datalogger

 TSP-Readerstations2Ellab has incorporated the latest in electronic technology and innovation to deliver a wireless multi-channel data logger unmatched in accuracy, performance and versatility. The flexible system is easily adapted to your requirements and provides an elegant solution to the most demanding validation applications.

• Temperature: ± 0.05 °C
• Humidity: ± 2%
• Pressure: ± 0.25% Full Scale
• Time: ± 5 Sec. Per 24 Hours
• Rotation: ± 1%

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RF Online Data Logger

 TS_sky_moduleCan be used as online validation & monitoring system. It can be used to operate extreme conditions without ever losing the data. The temperature range is -80 to +150 deg C and withstand pressure upto 10 bars fully immersed. This logger can be used for the online monitoring of the processing in autoclaves, Freeze dryers, IQF validations etc. The small size and convenience of wireless data loggers make them exceptionally easy to use in countless validation applications

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Fittings & Fixtures  

CAN Fittings internalEllab offers a large selection of probes, sensors, packing glands, and tools which are available for correct mounting in many styles and designs of containers. The range of fittings available is being continually expanded and improved with the following parameters taken into consideration:

 Correct Positioning of The Measuring Point
Elimination of Steam and Water Ingression
Minimizing Risks of Heat Conduction
Minimizing The Probe Assembly Inside The Container

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