Through our principals M/s. ELLAB A/S Denmark, we offer one stop solution for thermal process validation, monitoring and controlling applications using systems / equipment / software which are fully compliant to FDA / USDA and other international regulatory agencies. Our systems are unique and are world’s most accurate and reliable systems within its specifications.

We offer our services to India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Maldives

We have separate dedicated lines for Food Process Validation and Pharmaceutical Validation Applications. Click on the below links to get more details about the products and services of each division. .



Ellab offer Cable based and Online RF Wireless Dataloggers with validated software fully compliant to FDA 21 CFR part 11 for the Validation of Lyophiliers, Autoclaves, Steam Sterilization, DHS, Tunnels, EtO, H2O2, Heat Penetration, Warehouses. Stability Chambers, Washer Disinfectors etc. meeting international requirements for pharmaceutical validations with automatic regulatory reports generated as per international norms ( EN 554, EN 285, EN 17665) etc. with IQ/OQ documentation and with fully Automatic Calibration Lab.

Validation of Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, pH, Conductivity etc

Special dedicated System for Batch monitoring of Lyophilizers with alarms .

Unmatched Accuracy for Temperature sensors : +/-0.05 deg C. / Total System Accuracy: +/- 0.1 deg C

Special fittings and fixtures for Heat Penetration applications

Automatic Pyrogen Monitoring Systems as per International Pharmacopeias

ValSuite Pro Software validated and fully compliant to FDA 21 CFR part 11

Automatic Generation of Reports as per EN 554, EN 285 and EN 17665

Equipment CE marked

Fully Automatic Calibration Lab

Food Processing Division

We offer special dedicated packages for Retort Processing Applications including monitoring, controlling, validation and documentation of the process as per international requirements ..

Are you looking for a system which:-

• Help you to produce high quality products with highest level of safety ?

• Help you to develop the special food processing technologies at your in house R & D centre ?

• Protects your thermal processing technology documentation from theft ?

• Help you to optimize the thermal processing and in turn save your valuable time, energy and manpower ?

• Help you to protect your containers from spoilage and in turn help you to increase the shelf life of the processed foods ?

• Help you to minimize the rejection to 0% ?

• Guarantee safe processing irrespective of adverse unforeseen situations during thermal processing ?

• Help you to document your total processing and meet all the export requirements ?

• Monitors the thermal processing continuously ( 24 hours / 365 days) and alert you if any deviation occurred during the course of processing which helps your maintenance division to rectify the problem immediately and save the batch from spoilage ?

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We offer high quality Retort Pouches from Korea. These pouches are manufactured at Korea using FDA approved raw materials and our pouches meet all the international quality standards. We have been supplying retort pouches to Indian RTE customers since more than 12 years.