Microwavable Pouch

We are the business associates of M/s. HPM Global Inc Korea for their entire range of high barrier flexible packaging including retort pouches.

HPM is a leading manufacturer of high-barrier flexible packaging.

We offer rollstock and preformed pouches,

Laminated and metallized with or without printing.

Our speciality is retortable pouches, stand-uo, three-sided sealed and reclosable.

HPM retortable pouches are widely used for seafood, pet food, military rations (MRE) and other institutional food products.

HPM’s list of satisfied customers includes Wal-Mart, Kroger, Heinz, Safcol, Nestle and Chicken of the Sea.

HPM can print nine colors using roto-gravure cylinders.

Roto-gravure printing will ensure highly sharp illustrations and better finish.